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chain not included WOLF THOR'S HAMMER PENDANT
Hand-made for you...
item #: TH-800
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This is the infamous Wolf Hammer pendant that contains the controversial version of the Othala Rune—individually hand-made for you by our Master Craftsman in our shop here on Vancouver Island.* The head of a large Wolf is biting down on the handle of a Thor's Hammer. Othala Runes and serpent swirls decorate the handle and head of the Hammer. At the very tip of the head is the “traditional” version of the Othala Rune (with extended legs). Unlike other versions, your chain or leather thong passes right through the head of the Wolf (no jump ring required). Approximately 2" long x 1.25" wide (5.08x3.17 cm); recessed areas antiqued; raised areas polished; carved from a solid block of pure Volk Silver. Chain not included.

*Just north of Seattle, Washington.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above pictures are only provided as samples.
Since our Hammers are hand-made, each one will be unique—no two
being exactly alike. Chain not included.

Thor's Hammer Pendant FAQ
Unsolicited Comments:
"I purchased the Wolf Hammer about two months ago. It is a magnificent piece. The simplicity of the design in the wolf's head gives it a feel that it comes from a time long since past. I am delighted that I made the purchase, and would highly recommend this piece to anyone seeking a Mjolner pendant." S

"I'm very pleased by the amount of work put into my "Wolfhammer"... Your products are the best and I hope to order from Wodadesdag in the future. Thank you very much." BK

"...ordered the Wolf Hammer and I must say the craftmenship is excellent. It is very unique indeed which for me holds more meaning than some assembly line type stuff. Thanks" W

"I received the Hammer today [Wolf Hammer]... and it is a truly wonderful piece." PP

"I received my order today (wolfhammer), and I must say your website doesn't do justice to your work. I'm very pleased with the craftsmanship and... your customer service is tops. Thanks..."

NOTE: This Thor's Hammer Pendant is NOT "made in Taiwan" !

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