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by Edred Wodanson & Friends
1 CD - time: 49:22
item #: CD-102
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Recorded Live!

A live recording of an Odin Blot. Recorded as it happened, this Audio CD contains a complete, unedited Odin Blot. Hear the distant cry of a Raven as the Blot begins . . . the wind comes up, answering the Godi's call . . . Odin arrives, sacrifice is made, gifts are exchanged.

Track 1 - Hear the Banishing, the Invocation, the Sacrifice, Receiving of the Gift, and the Farewell. It's all here - live.
Track 2 - The Godi comes inside and replays the Blot while explaining and describing the activity in detail. Very informative.
Track 3 - A condensed version of the Blot, with most of the silent parts removed - a good way to master the words of the Blot.

Digitally recorded by Edred Wodanson & Friends on Dec. 31, 2004, it has a total time of 49:25. Only available from Wodanesdag Press.


  • 1. the Odin Blot - complete and unedited (16:29)

  • 2. the Odin Blot - with narration (20:30)

  • 3. the Odin Blot - condensed (12:23)

  • Media: recorded on high quality CD-R - compatible with most CD & DVD players in North America.

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