Who Are We? Wodanesdag Press - Founded by members of Wodan's Kindred in 1993
  • Began with the publishing of one leaflet that first summer.

  • Printed and distributed a paper catalog with a handful of products in 1994.

  • Published the now-famous introduction— “the World Tree”, by Edred Wodanson, in 1995—distributed throughout the Western World.

  • Received permission from the University of Texas Press, and published the Hollander translation of “Havamal” in December, 1995.

  • Began to print and offer a small collection of original Nordic t-shirt designs.

  • Designed and produced several Thor's Hammer Pendants.

  • Continued to expand our line of books with “A Way of Wyrd” in 1997.

  • Went online on January 21, 1998.

  • Created an electronic Catalog of Asatru/Odinist supplies.

  • Acquired the domain name odin.org in June, 1998.

  • Expanded the Catalog to include the largest selection of Norse-related t-shirts on the Internet (limited selection available again).

  • Added to our line of hand-made pendants with new Thor's Hammers, etc.

  • Began offering audio CDs and hand-bound trade paperback books.

  • Acquired the domain name wodanesdag.com in September, 2006.

  • Maintained a continuously catalog-supported, commercial-free website with no banner ads, no pop-ups, and no web-commercials since day one.

  • snailmail:
    Wodanesdag Press
    PO Box 963
    Parksville, BC
    Canada V9P 2H1


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